Kids Network

Kids Network - Kids, Ideas, Direction and Support Network.IN A NUTSHELL…
Kids Network is a non profit organisation which provides a connection point for families and educators
to access practitioners, ideas, direction and support.We have a monthly email newsletter with simple guidance and support ideas for families and people
dealing with children.

Kids, Ideas, Direction and Support Network

Kids Network in a non profit organisation established in February 2007, with the following aims:

  • To provide a support network for people with a passion to support children and families.
  • To provide an access point for families to connect with the practitioners and support they are looking for.
  • To provide simple information about children today, their needs, their quirks and their gifts.

Contact us on via Forster Neighbourhood Centre .

Many thanks to Great Lakes Aquatic Centre for their support.


Children’s Forum

The Children’s Forum will be held at Club Forster on the 27th February 2013.
You can view the article from the Focus Magazine below.

Childrens Forum Article
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