Janice Paton – Family Harmonee

How To Say No
To Kids

Send an email to Jan at jangio@westnet.com.au
Cost is $25 including postage and handling.

Happy Parents and Happy Kids

Jan will help you to:

  • Say ‘No’ to your children calmly and lovingly
  • Stay calm in those really stressful times
  • Maintain consistent boundaries with your children
  • Understand more about yourself and your children

Using her book “How to Say No to Our Kids” and a powerful 2 hour workshop, Jan teaches you simple and practical tools to use in any situation.


  • Breathing techniques to help you keep calm
  • Simple techniques of non-verbal communication
  • Setting & Maintaining clear Boundaries

The following workshops are available in Sydney or Mid North Coast:

  • “How To Say No To Kids” – based on the book (2½ hours)
  • “Managing Misbehaviour” – Answering the question… “What’s happening between my child and I”, recognising and managing the emotions of parenting, identifying my child’s needs and responding in a more positive way (2½ hours)

For Further Information
Email: Family Harmonee at jangio@westnet.com.au
Phone: 02 6555 8083
Write to: PO Box 26, Forster, NSW 2428